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Holtkotter Lighting

Höltkotter Lighting

Holtkotter Lighting

GREEN LIGHTING – Combining sustainability
with good quality lighting.

Form follows function, but there is more:
beautiful materials and detailed workmanship
make Höltkotter products truly magnificent.

Shown at left: Höltkotter #2509P1

FORM: A lamp or lighting fixture is not only a decorative accessory or even a decorative work of art, but first and foremost a functional product. Höltkotter designs are reduced to the functional necessity, fine tuned to provide glare-free, shadow-free lighting.

FUNCTION: "Licht machen" means to make light. By developing properitary LED systems and dimming systems, Höltkotter provides the most cutting-edge and energy-efficient technology in an elegant and streamlined design.

MATERIALS: Fine brass, manufactured from raw metals, is most often chosen as the material for Höltkotter fixtures. The raw brass is then finished to become one of the many brushed or polished options available, including Antique Brass, Hand-Brushed Old Bronze or Satin Nickel, to name a few.

WORKMANSHIP: To maintain quality and workmanship standards, Höltkotter has a multitude of quality checks throughout the manufacturing process. Having respect for the final product and manufacturing to the highest standard makes the final product truly a work of art, from traditional to contemporary. Hand-made in Germany.

Holtkotter 2509

Höltkotter Floor Lamp #2509P1
with Dimm-System P1
Glass: 21 3/4"W
Height: 60"
Bulbs: 3 x max 100W/120V

Holtkotter #5590

Höltkotter Pendant Light #5590
Base: 21 3/4"W
Glass: 10 3/4"W
Length: min 39 1/2" max 64"

Holtkotter #6317LED SLD

Höltkotter #6317LED
with Side Line Dimmer
Base: 10 3/4"W
Arm/Light: 17 1/4"W
Height: min 40" max 54"

Holtkotter #6477LED

Höltkotter Desk Lamp #6477LED
Base: 7 1/2"W
Max Arm Ext: 17 1/4"W
Height: max 20 1/2"

Holtkotter #5517

Höltkotter Pendant Light #5517
Light Width: 38"
Height: min 39 1/4" max 67"

Holtkotter Glass Shades for #5517

Optional Glass Shades for Höltkotter Pendant Light #5517

Holtkotter #6031

Höltkotter Table Lamp #6031
with dimmable glass base (2x 40W Halopin bulbs are provided) and a three-way switch in the shade. Shade is hand-washable.
Frosted Glass Base: 9 7/8"W
Shade: 8 3/4"W x 17 1/2"H
Height: 31 3/8"
Bulb: 50W/100W/150W